Our Services

Trust your tree service needs to the Top Rated Tree Service Company in San Diego County. With our professional assessment you're sure to make the right choice for your tree investment. Fully CA licensed #941626, bonded, and insured Workers Comp and Liability for your protection. Free, Fast, Estimates. No Job Too Large (commercial), No Job Too Small (residential). Dedication to professionalism, honesty & reliability.

Brush Clearing

Casas Tree Service Clearing the Way Since 1990. Fast and efficient brush clearing keeps your project on schedule. Brush clearing is a perfect option to protect your property by following fire department codes. Also, great for grading operations.


Owning commercial property, means maintaining your trees properly. Proper kept trees beautify your property and help your tenants attract customers. Landlords who own apartment units will find it easier to attract quality tenants when you have healthy trees on your property.

Palm Services

San Diego, where palm trees are Omni-present, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll require our palm tree maintenance services. Our tree maintenance services will ensure your palms are looking their best while being protected from diseases and deficiencies.

Stump Removal

The stump left by the removal of a tree is not a pretty site, as well as a danger too. Stump pounding by an expert is the simplest and most secure approach to handle this work. The experts at Casas Tree Service are highly prepared to work their magic!

Tree Lacing

Tree lacing is a method of pruning trees so that the tree admits light and air through its canopy or crown. Tree lacing and overall pruning is done for safety, health and aesthetics. It reduces pest problems and dangerous branches.

Tree Pruning

The trees around your home, or business add beauty and character to the property value. Casas Tree Services enhances the value and beauty of your property. Your yard or business property will look its best.

Tree Removal

We would rather not remove any tress. However; there are some circumstances where it may be necessary. In fact, it is very hazardous part of our service. Nevertheless, eliminating dead or dying trees, those beyond recovery, as well as trees that may pose a safety hazard is a necessity.

Tree Trimming

There are many factors to consider when pruning. There is a fine balance between the convenience, the health of the tree, and your property safety.

ZStorm Clean Up

Immediately following a large storm can be some of the most stressful times in a property owner’s life. The resulting damage and destruction often times makes homes and yards unrecognizable. We respond quickly.